Commercial Turnkey Reverse Osmosis 3,000 GPD | 11.4m3/Day

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The AMPAC USA Fully Equipped LX Series Commercial Turnkey Reverse Osmosis 3,000 GPD | AP3000-LX is the result of 28 years of experience with the needs and requirements of commercial pure water consumers with brackish and well water. This includes family homes, restaurants, coffee stores, convenience stores, microbreweries, supermarket produce and food preparation operations, misting and humidification systems, car wash facilities, and many other businesses that must have consistently high-quality water for their daily operations. The key factors in AP3000-LX are its reliability, serviceability, and consistent performance with minimum user intervention that are achieved in the solid design of the  AMPAC USA LX Series systems. Powder Coated Welded Aluminum is used to build our frames, Stainless Steel pressure vessels and fastening hardware to provide the structural strength and corrosion resistance appropriate for a commercial appliance. 


  •      Spin Down Screen Filter with Manual Flush Valve
  •      Ion Exchange Water Softener w/auto-backwash valve
  •      Multimedia KDF-Catalytic Carbon-Poly Phosphate Pre-Filter w/auto-backwash valve 
  •      4” x 20” Big Blue Sediment Pre-Filter 20 Micron
  •      4” x 20” Big Blue Sediment Pre-Filter 05 Micron
  •      Horizontal Multi-Stage High-Pressure Jet Pump with Safeguards for Brackish Water Application
  •      4” x 40” FRP Pressure Vessels
  •      4” x 40” TFC Membrane Element
  •      Smart-on-Demand Delivery (Distribution) Pump to Point of Use 2HP.
  •      4” x 10” Big Blue Carbon Post-Filter 05 Micron
  •      Ultra Violet Sterilizer
  •      Powder-coated, Welded Aluminum Frame with Aluminum Diamond Plate.


  •      Automatic Operating Programmable logic controller UL/CE Approved with:
    • Smart Relay
    • Delayed start-up of the high-pressure pump
    • Inlet Solenoid Valve
    • Low & High Feed Pressure Switch Controls
    • Supply & Delivery Pumps Controls
    • R/P Storage Tank Full Pump on/off
    • AutoFlush Cycle 
    • Pre-Treat Lockout
    • TDS/Conductivity Monitor
    • Temperature Monitor
    • Hour Meter
  •      Complete Panel for Easy Controls
  •      4 Count Stainless steel liquid-filled pressure gauges
  •      Permeate and concentrate flow meters
  •      Inlet Solenoid Valve with Bypass
  •      Low pressure cut off Pressure Switch 
  •      Stainless Steel System Pressure Control
  •      Stainless Steel Recycle Pressure Valve
  •      On/Off Main Power Switch.  


  •      Anti-Scalant Dosing System (Hard Water Present Conditions)
  •      Chlorine Dosing System (Iron Manganese Present Conditions)
  •      Smart-on-Demand Supply Pump to increase Feed Water Pressure 1HP
  •      Ozone Generator Disinfection System Installed on Circulation Loop.
  •      Silica quartz Pre-Filter w/auto-backwash valve


  •   Frame
  • Powder Coated One-Piece Aluminum w/Diamond Plate 
  •   Membranes
  • (2) ea TFC 4″ x 40″
  •   Vessels
  • 4″ x 40″ Stainless Steel
  •   Pump
  • Goulds Multi-Stage Jet Pump with Safeguards (SS option)
  •   Gauges – Glycerin Filled
  • Pre-Filter PSI, Post-Filter PSI, Booster Pump PSI
  •   Valves
  • System Pressure, Recycle Pressure
  •   Switches
  • Low PSI Cutout, Tank Full Cutout
  •   Electrical
  • 110 or 220 V, 50 or 60 Hz, single or Three phase 
  •   Motor
  • 1 Hp – 1725 rpm
  •   Connections
  • 1″ Quick Tubing Connectors
  •   Capacity per US Gallon
  • 2.08 GPM – 3,000 GPD
  •   Capacity per Liters
  • 7.90 LPM – 11,350 LPD
  •   Operating Pressure
  • 170 – 225 psi
  •   Typical Recovery
  • 33% – 50%
  •   Typical Rejection
  • 99%
  •   Max Feed  TDS – Hardness
  • 2500 ppm – 15 grains For Municipal Water Design
  •   Max Feed  TDS – Hardness
  • 10,000 ppm – 25 grains For Brackish Water Design
  •   Max Feed Temp
  • 113 degrees F
  •   Feed pH Range
  • 2-11
  •   Max Chlorine
  • less than 0.1 ppm
  •   Dimensions
  • 52″ wide x 24″ deep x 65″ ht.
  •   Weight
  • 320 Lbs. / 145 Kgs.

Make of System: Fully Automated Turnkey Water Purification System including pre-treatment Modules and Reverse Osmosis System fully built on a Powder Coated Welded Aluminum Skid with Diamond Plate Base using good industrial practice and following manufacturer’s guidelines for every component.

Make of System: AP3000-LX         

Origin:  Made in the USA

Backwash & Regenerations Cycle: Ion Exchange System Cycle on Metered Basis, Multimedia System Cycle on Timer Basis and can be Adjustable up to 120 Minutes at any given time.

Delivery Terms:  System is ready to be created and shipped, on average 2-3 Weeks from the day of receipt of purchase order.

System production is based on the following conditions: 10,000ppm NaCI feed water, 77°f/ 25°c Operating temperature and 3.0-11.0pH Range.  Actual feed water analysis may require special consideration affecting final design and pricing.

*Prices are subject to change without notice.

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