Cyber Security

Cyber security

We are preparing shipping for the Lastmar

One of our major project in Ukraine is maritime cyber security development in the way of 2021 IMO recommendations. Our strategic Partner is HudsonTrident, Camden, NJ,a U.S. company that specializes in maritime and port security, including cybersecurity. HudsonTrident operates globally and has offices in the United States, Italy, Greece, and London.

HudsonTrident’s reputation and record of accomplishment in international maritime security and risk management are unmatched. Our ISPS track record covers more than 1800 ships and 300 ports and facilities, including those in high-risk, high-threat areas. We have completed major risk assessments and gap analyses for mega-ports under construction and achieved Recognized Security Organization (RSO) status in 10 countries.
HudsonTrident enjoys worldwide recognition for its record of accomplishment in providing:

  • Ship and Port Security Risk and Threat Assessments
  • Ship and Port Facility Security Planning
  • Technical Security Assessments and Planning
  • Maritime Operational Security
  • ISPS Compliance
  • Security Systems and Plan Audits
  • ISPS Required Training (SSO/CSO/PFSO)
  • Security Systems Gap Analysis

Further, HudsonTrident, through its sister company, HudsonCyber, offers cybersecurity capabilities specific to the maritime industry to include shipping and ports. These services include:

Cybersecurity Assessment

holistic approach to both office and fleet environments. The assessment is based on a full suite of industry standards, best practices, and proprietary expertise to inform data collection pertaining to enterprise security culture; network monitoring capability; incident response; and resiliency and recovery.

Table Top Exercises (TTX)

Often bundled as part of a cybersecurity assessment engagement. These are customized to fit each client’s specific characteristics and reflect real world scenarios.

Threat Assessments

Tailored to identify internal and/or external cyber threats to organizations. Expanded approach includes insider threat as well as dark web analysis.

Cyber Risk Management Planning

Integrated cybersecurity program design, development and deployment. Plans integrate shore-side and fleet cyber ecosystems to enable effective incident response and recovery.

Executive Awareness Training

In-house briefings and seminars (half day and full day sessions). Can be designed to include client-specific threat and vulnerability factors.


Unique platform tailored to the maritime industry that offers integrated cybersecurity assessment, benchmarking, analysis, and recommendations development for maritime transportation owners and operators.

Cyber Threat Intelligence Support

Client-tailored service offering latest updates on threats to critical maritime systems and infrastructure. Can be structured as a stand-alone engagement or in a monthly service.