Fire Detection Systems

Fire detection systems for ships

Lastmar Mühendislik has experience with fire alarm systems. Fire safety is very important in marine vessels such as ships, yachts, freighters etc. Fast and reliable detection of an emerging fire in a marine vessel can maintain safety of life and property. For this reason, we provide wide range of marine fire alarm systems.

  • Control panels
  • Gas detectors
  • Heat detectors
  • Other detectors and parts
  • Smoke detectors

Addressable or conventional fire alarm for ships

The two most common types of fire detection systems are addressable and conventional systems. A conventional system consists of various detection loops, with one or more detectors per loop. With a conventional system, the control panel determines whether and if so in which loop there is an alarm. Locating an alarm cause is therefore done per loop: the more detectors in the loop and the longer the loop is physical, the more inaccurate the determination of the location that gave rise to the alarm. In practice, the detection loops are often placed in specific parts of the ship and per deck, making the detection of an alarm easier. Conventional systems are therefore especially suitable for smaller ships.

In contrast to a conventional fire alarm system, an addressable system distinguishes between alarms from each individual detector. Addressable detectors also often have built-in intelligence and they send status information to the exchange very frequently. Nowadays, the so-called addresses of each detector can also be determined centrally. Each detector is thus assigned to a specific room or part of a room, so that in the event of an alarm it is immediately clear where the alarm originated. With an addressable system, building up in loops is also no longer necessary, which means that all detectors can be connected with just a few cables.

Service on older fire alarm platforms

Lastmar Mühendislik provides anytime service on board ships with regard to the fire alarm system or the gas detection system.

Fire alarm and gas detection

Fire alarm systems are in some cases expanded with specific gas detection sensors. In this way smoke, heat or flame development can be established as well as the increase in the concentration of a certain gas. Gas detection occurs on board oil tankers, offshore ships, specialized vessels and LNG powered ships, among others.

Advantages of addressable fire alarm:

  • Accurate determination of the location where the alarm was triggered
  • Savings in cable meters to be used
  • Simple configuration: detectors centrally provided / change of address
  • Continuous central monitoring status of the detectors
  • Possible connection to general alarm system and mimic panel (visualization alarm per room)

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