Grey Water Treatment Systems


Greywater is a residential water reject that has lesser organic loading than sewage. This makes grey water a suitable option for reuse after a reverse osmosis treatment. This rejected wastewater is mostly produced from residential buildings, large scale offices, malls, community centers, government buildings and more. With proper treatment, this water can be put to good use like for laundry, toilet flushing and even irrigation at a large scale.
AMPAC USA’s Grey Water Treatment Systems are fully equipped automatic turnkey systems that run on advanced reverse osmosis process. These come with inbuilt with pre and post-treatment systems made from the best international manufacturing practices.

Grey Water treatment systems are always customized according to each client as the reject wastewater is different for every location. Out experts then design a specific product that fits into the need and provides an all-round water treatment solution.

AMPAC USA’s line of specialized Grey Water treatment systems is reliable, sturdy and has good structural strength. These are capable of purifying thousands of gallons of reject water to produce reusable water.
Every purchase of this system comes with a free location delivery, installation, manufacturer’s warranty, and a 24×7 after-sales customer support. Know more about these products by contacting AMPAC USA on +90(537) 264 8156.