HS-ULC External Ultrasonic Liquid Level Controller

HS-ULC External Ultrasonic

Liquid Level Controller
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The External Ultrasonic Liquid Level Controller (referred to as “external liquid level switch”) is a new, innovative type of liquid level measurement alarm device. It is primarily used to detect the liquid level of a tank, trigger an upper and lower limit alarm or monitor whether there is liquid in a pipeline (dry state protection). This product is compatible with a multitude of tank materials, including all kinds of metal, non-metal or non-foaming plastic, and wall thickness up to 70mm. This technology is not affected by medium density, dielectric constant, conductivity, reflection coefficient, pressure, temperature, precipitation and other factors, so the level controller is suitable for all kinds of liquid level engineering control in the medicine, petroleum, chemical, power, food and other industries. This product presents an ideal choice for the detection of toxic, corrosive and dangerous goods.


1. Wide Applications: The device can be used to measure all kinds of liquids in highly toxic, highly corrosive, high pressure, and various complex working conditions, along with an explosive gas environment.

2. It can be installed without stopping production or cleaning the tank, and it is easy to install and operate.

3. Reliable operation, stable performance and strong anti-interference ability.

4.The instrument does not need to be maintained by the user and has a long service life.

Application Conditions

1. Medium: Pure liquid, emulsion liquid, suspension liquid, etc.

2. Vessels: The wall of the vessel where the ultrasonic probe is installed shall be made of hard materials that can transmit signals well. For example: carbon steel, stainless steel, various metals, FRP, epoxy resin, hard plastic, ceramics, glass, hard rubber and other conforming materials are all suitable. The internal and external surfaces of the vessel walls shall be flat. If the vessel wall is multi-layer material, each layer shall be in close contact without bubbles or other interlayers. Examples include Vulcanized hard rubber lining, epoxy resin lining, stainless steel lining, titanium lining, etc.

The sensor of the liquid level controller couples the high frequency ultrasonic pulse to the container wall through the coupling agent. The pulse propagates the container wall and the liquid, and is reflected by the inner surface of the container. Through the detection and calculation of the reflected signal characteristics, it can be determined whether the liquid level is at the installation position of the controller. The liquid level controller can output a relay signal, which is convenient for liquid level detection and control.

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