Industrial Reverse Osmosis 60,000 GPD | 9.5m3/hr

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The AMPAC USA Industrial Reverse Osmosis 60,000 GPD | AP60K-LX systems are designed and custom built to meet our Clients requirements and specifications for reliable higher purity water and higher efficiency for a variety of manufacturing processes.

Please call AMPAC USA to find the Industrial Reverse Osmosis system that works best for your process or application.


  • Programmable Log Controller (PLC) for fully Automated Controls
  • Grundfos Smart on Demand Supply Pump with Flow Control
  • Twin Alternating Ion Exchange Water Softener with Auto-Backwash Digital Valve
  • Multimedia GAC Pre-Filter with Auto-Backwash Digital Valve
  • Twin Sediment Pre-Filters
  • Inlet Solenoid Shut-Off Valve
  • Goulds Multi-Stage Jet Booster Pump with Safeguards
  • 8″x80″ Filmtec TFC High Rejection Membrane Elements
  • Waste Water (Concentrate) Re-Circulation Package
  • Liquid Filled Stainless Steel Pressure Gauges
  • Permeate & Concentrate Flow Meters
  • System Pressure Control
  • Pressure Fittings Stainless Steel Reinforced
  • Quick Disconnect Fittings throughout the unit
  • Complete Powder Coated Aluminum Skid with everything Mounted & Strapped for Easy Mobility.


  • NaCI feed water:             10,000 ppm
  • Operating temperature:   77°f/ 25°c
  • pH Range:                      3.1-11.0
  • Make of System: Fully Packaged Turnkey Industrial Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment System including pre-treatment Modules and R/O Process fully built on a Fully Welded Poder Coated Skid.

    Skid: Powder Coated Aluminum Skid with Diamond Plate Base using good industrial practice and following manufacturer’s guidelines for every component.

    Model of System:  AP60K-LX

    System Origin: Made in USA 

    Manufactured by: AMPAC USA

    Backwash & Regenerations Cycle: Ion Exchange Cycle on Meter Basis. Multimedia KDF-GAC-Poly Phosphate System Cycle on Timer Basis and can be Adjustable up to 120 Minutes at any given time.

    Estimated Fabrication Terms:  System Takes Approximately 3-4 Weeks to complete, test and crate from the day of receipt of formal purchase order and Initial Deposit.

    Dimensions:  Reverse Osmosis Skid:  144” L x 48” W x 72”H., approx. Weight 4000 Lbs Dry.

    Exclusions:  Prices do not include shipping, insurance, sales tax, import taxes and duties, installation, and options listed below unless otherwise indicated.

    System Specifications:

    • Capacity: 60,000 GPD (227,100 Liter per day)
    • % Recovery: 50%-75%
    • % Saerature lt Rejection: 9.2%
    • Design Temp: 25°C
    • Maximum Temperature: 45°C
    • Membrane Type: TFC (Filmtec)
    • Pressure Vessels: FRP

    *Prices are subject to change without notice.

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