Magnetic Level Gauge

Magnetic Level Gauge

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UHZ series magnetic level gauge is a direct reading meter installation and transmission unit, uses the high quality stainless steel material, according to the magnetic level issued by the Ministry of chemical industry standard HG/T21584 manufacturing; while providing PTFE lined magnetic level gauge, gauge the wet parts material used in all PTFE, and can be widely used in all kinds of petrochemical and chemical enterprises, level of measuring any type, any of the concentration of acid, alkali and strong oxidant of the process medium. The transmitter of the liquid level gauge is made of high quality imported OKI reed pipe and SMD (patch), and is transformed into standard two wire 4-20m current A signal through circuit amplification.

  1. Sturdy structure, temperature resistant, anti-corrosion and earthquake resistance.
  2. The instructions are clear and the observation is convenient.
  3. Standard two line 4-20mA current remote transmission, anti-interference, strong versatility.
  4. The looped flange structure is easy to install.
  5. The function of changing and displaying is integrated, and it is more convenient to use.

orking pressure grade: 0.6,1.0,1.6 ,2.5MPa;

Maximum medium temperature: 80℃,200℃; Dielectric viscosity<150cP ; Medium density > 0.45g/cm3;

Measuring range:L=300-6000mm;

Ambient temperature:0~80℃; Accuracy:±10mm or 1.0%FS;

Measuring tube outer diameter:Ф45,51、57mm etc;

Connecting flange:

Side mounted type: DN20 ,DN25 PN1.6 ,HG20592;

     Top mounted type: DN80 (DN100) PN1.0 ,HG20592;

   Converter output:4~20mADC;

           Electrical interface:M20X1.5 female thread; 


           Load resistance(24VDC): 0~500Ω.

   Connection output: L±50MM, In this range, the contact closure, the load            current:0.5A,200V.

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