Offshore Watermakers



Purified water is the basic need for life which can be required anywhere-on road, at home or even at offshore platform. Water can be anywhere, but there is no assurance that every drop of water available is purified. Also consumption of contaminated or polluted water can lead to many life threatening diseases. This calls for some water purification system that can be used for offshore purposes as well. This only and the most reliable solution to this problem is off-shore watermakers which can be used efficiently anywhere.

The AMPAC USA Offshore Watermakers is a horizontal one-piece frame configuration designed for oil & gas, wind farm and other offshore industrial operations, with internal high pressure booster pump for ease of use in compact locations. With their ready to use the equipment, AMPAC USA has proved to be a reliable partner for many offshore operations. The products that are manufactured for offshore use, combine all benefits of high-end technology of water purification systems for a highly efficient offshore water purification experience.

All the Oil and Gas RO products are engineered by experienced workers through highly competent workmanship.  All components within the frame are readily accessible for easy maintenance. They can be used for simple sweater desalination processes or even for high demanding industrial seawater desalination purposes as well. Our products make use of membranes and pump to produce highly purified and ready to consume water from any seawater source.

The AMPAC USA Offshore Seawater Desalination Watermakers can be configured to explosion-proof Class 1 Div 1 & Class 1 Div 2 standards, reinforcing their renowned performance and reliability with maximum protection from potentially catastrophic events. Offshore Seawater Desalination Watermakers by AMPAC USA are best for oil and gas applications.

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