Fresh Water Generator

Product Outline

Since its founding in 1949, Sasakura has been engaged in research and development as a leading manufacturer of fresh water generators, providing a wide range of products to the world and meeting the needs of the times quickly and accurately.
Sasakura’s fresh water generators have been installed on ships built in Japan as well as internationally, earning the firm trust of our clients through world-class technology and quality.


Using hot water

  • Tankers
  • Cargo ships
  • Other general ships

Plate Type Fresh Water Generator (EX-Series)

Product Outline

The”EX-Series”is an epoch-making plate-type Fresh Water Generator. Since the plate-type heat exchanger part is uncovered, the Fresh Water Generator takes up less installation space, and maintenance/inspection work is easier and less time-consuming as a result. This Fresh Water Generator uses the waste heat from diesel engine jacket cooling water to heat seawater and evaporation takes under vacuum to produce fresh water. Model capacity is available from 20 to 45 t/d of fresh water. A steam injector or a steam booster unit can be supplied to produce fresh water by steam as well.

Fresh Water Generator series X

Product Outline

This is the most popular distiller for diesel-driven ships, and more than 10,000 sets have been delivered all over the world.
5~100 tons per day type of capacity can be provided.
A steam injector or a steam booster unit as an option can be supplied to produce fresh water by steam as well.

Double Effect Fresh Water Generator series WX

Product Outline

Series WX was developed under two factors: improvement of new engines downsizing and high efficiency, resulting less heat amount provided.
Expecting types of fresh water generator which can produce more fresh water to meet the demands of environmental equipment for new regulations.
Compared with series X, new series WX can produce more FW with half of heat consumption.
Capacity: 20-40 tons per day are available models. Steam Injectors are available as option, for supplied Steam.

Using hot water/steam 

  • LNG carriers
  • Passenger ships

Double/Triple-Effect Low Pressure Submerged Tube-Type Distilling Plant

Product Outline

The Double-Effect plant is a compact, highly heat efficient seawater distilling plant with two chambers of 1st and 2nd effect in a single shell. The Triple-Effect plant contains three chambers of 1st, 2nd and 3rd effect, and is an even more highly efficient plant.
As a heat source, either the waste heat from a diesel engine jacket cooling water or steam can be used. 40~200 tons per day type of capacity can be provided.


Two-Stage Flash-Type Distilling Plant (F-DP) /
Low-Pressure Submerged Tube-Type Distilling Plant (V-DP)

Product Outline

Steam turbine engine ships require extremely pure fresh water for high pressure boiler feed water, as well as a high level of reliability.
These distilling plants use low pressure steam from the turbine bleed to heat seawater. A part of seawater evaporates into vapor which is condensed to fresh water in the distiller.


Multi-Stage Flash-Type Distilling Plant

Product Outline

This plant uses low-pressure steam as a heat source.
The multi-stage flash-type system has several evaporating chambers, and can efficiently generate mass quantities of fresh water without using much heat. 100~1000 tons per day type of capacity can be provided, and is used on ships that consume mass quantities of fresh water, such as passenger and fish factory vessels.

Using electricity 

  • Fishing boats
  • Tugboats
  • Working ships
  • Offshore facilities
Product Outline

Designed for use in harsh marine environments, this energy-saving, low-maintenance vacuum vapor compression fresh water generator provides a stable supply of fresh water essential for food preparation, hydration, and daily life. Operation requiring only electricity eliminates the need for steam, hot water, or other heat sources.

-Capacity: 40-60 tons/day (24 hrs.)
-Compact design combining high-performance heat pump & high-efficiency evaporator
-Shower & horizontal tubular evaporator design with scale prevention function to allow stable long-term operation
-Dry shaft seal heat pump design allows for “maintenance-free” performance
-Electric evaporation system means no other heat source is required

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