Noise Control System

We can supply the acoustic products and noise control that is confirmed at the acoustic laboratory and have a reputation of long standing.

Splitter Silencer

Product Outline

The principal features of the Duct silencers are a low pressure drop and a high noise reduction. It is possible to keep cost down because Duct decreases the number of silent elbows.

Elbow Silencer / Fan Unit

Product Outline

The principal features of the Elbow silencers are a low pressure drop and a high noise reduction of ventilation air provided by the fan.

Sound Proof Louver

Product Outline

The sound proof louver has been developed for decrease fan and machine noise. This louver is available to be incorporated into a sound proof wall.

New sound proof louver designed for enhanced exterior decoration made form alminium.

Sound Absorbing Panel

Product Outline

The feature of this panel is high absorbing performance at low frequency.This panel is capable of controlling the reflected noise and reducting noise effectively.

Sound Absorbing and Insulation Panel

Product Outline

This panel uses highly durable galvanised steel with water repellant acoustics material.
It is ideal for an external sound proof wall.

Silencer for Air Cooled Chillers

Product Outline

This silencer has been developed to reduce the exhaust noise of chiller fans and features low pressure loss and high noise reduction.

Anechoic Room with recycled PET wedge

Product Outline

This anechoic room consists of sound absorbing wedges recycled from PET bottles.

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