Scale & Corrosion Control


Exposure to hard water after a long time can cause irreversible damage to the plumbing or water system. Hard metals cause scaling and corrosion, even residue build up inside the plumbing that can weaken the pipe, decrease flow rate and even reduce membrane efficiencies in the RO filter. AMPAC USA houses a line of scale reducing, corrosion resisting water chemicals.

The iron, scale & corrosion control solutions are designed to restore and maintain the life of water systems and equipment. These products are formulated to treat iron, hardness, scale build-up, and corrosion. Made by the highest industry standards and after years of R & D, these chemicals treat also prevent the pipes from developing residue, corroding or building a scale-up. It is an essential product to have especially if the feed water is extremely hard.

AMPAC USA offers a wide range of these chemicals for different purposes at the best prices. You can call us for a consultation or an expert to examine your chemical needs for the water treatment systems. AMPAC offers 24×7 customer care and a home visit by our skilled experts in case of any water treatment challenges. Check out the line of the best scale and corrosion control chemicals down below!


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