We Facilitate Training

We Facilitate Training

We are the representative of MARPOL Training Institute Inc., ( MTI ) in Turkey, Ukraine and Eastern Europe to provide Computer Based Training (CBT) for Meeting MARPOL Standards, Vessel General Permit (VGP), Navigating Ballast Water Regulations and Waste Management Best Practice.

We are authorized to:

  • provide consulting on CBT training,
  • to offer MTI CBTs Licenses for sale,
  • to coordinate online training of these training programs.

If your vessels are trading to USA ports then your crew are required besides the standard STCW compliance to be in possession of a special knowledge as per the Ports and Waterways Safety Act ( PWSA),the Act to Prevent Pollution from the Ships ( APPS) , the Clean Water Act ( CWA), and the Oil Pollution Act ( OPA ) .

All our modules have been prepared by MTI and certified by DNV-GL Classification Society . These training programs are not only fully recognized by DNV-GL Authorities, but also are adopted, understandable, harmonized and clear aligned with US territory waters requirements. MTI has already has their products installed with their products on 3,000 vessels, more than 100 shipping companies worldwide and training centers.

Our Computer Based Training courses have both and audio track in English and screens to support the dialog. Additionally the script of the audio track is displayed on an optional screen to assist those with English as a second language in the learning.

All Certificates issued by MTI have a specific number assigned by the software and which has an algorithm which can be tested to see if the certificate is valid.

A database of learners is created so an Administrator may monitor the learners progress.

The Vessel General Permit of U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Section 5.1.3 states “The ship’s crew members who actively take part in the management of a discharge or who may affect any discharge must receive training regarding shipboard environmental procedures and must be able to demonstrate proficiency in implementing these procedures.

Following list of countries where Lastmar is official the Exclusive representative of MARPOL Training Institute Inc., to offer CBTs and online licenses for sale :


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Avoid getting in trouble with regulators by seeing your crew know the rules and follow them.

Your best insurance is real knowledge of your seafarers.