Membran Biyo-Reaktör (MBR)

Ampac USA membrane bio-reactors (MBR) are the state-of-the-art in compact, highly efficient wastewater treatment technologies, performing significantly better than conventional bioreactors in mitigating waste streams with high organic content.  This is due to MBR’s ability to maintain a high concentration of aerobic microorganisms that tend to deplete faster in conventional bioreactor systems.

In addition, the compact configuration of MBR’s reduces the space required for a treatment system from large areas thousands of square meters/ square feet of land in conventional plants down to the size of a few container vans.

The compactness is achieved by eliminating the bulkiest stage of conventional water treatment, the settling tank, whose purpose is to segregate light solids/ colloids, heavy solids and liquids from each other.  MBR’s utilize ultrafiltration membranes in conjunction with air flotation to achieve this segregation, with a high volume of water passing through the membranes instead of being retained in a settling tank.

Ampac USA incorporates the best possible components in its systems to ensure the reliability and performance that clients have come to expect.