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Sasakura’s heat exchangers and cooling rolls, which boast top-ranked technology in the world, are extremely reliable by Sasakura’s long experience. Sasakura’s heat exchangers and cooling rolls are designed to incorporate energy conservation and noise reduction technology that satisfy users.

Air Cooled Heat Exchanger

Product Outline

More than 10,000 units of Sasakura’s air-cooled heat exchangers have been installed up to the present, for a wide variety of uses including oil refinery, petrochemical and chemical plants, as well as steam condensers at municipal incinerator plants. By using the free and unlimited air as a cooling medium, maintenance is easier and much more economical than water cooling systems, and air-cooled heat exchangers are particularly valuable in areas where there is a shortage of industrial water.

Fin Tube Type Heat Exchanger

Product Outline

Sasakura provides extremely economical heat exchangers that are highly efficient as well as in high quality, using a custom made fin tube for each particular job. Main uses include the following:
– Exhaust gas economizers, Feed water heaters
– Air pre-heaters/air heaters
– Exhaust gas heaters(for preventing white smoke)

Thermal Recovery Unit

Product Outline

This sensible heat exchanger uses heat pipes that are high in thermal conductivity. It efficiently recovers heat from air conditioning and industrial exhaust, and makes saving energy easy.


Thermal Recovery Unit can be installed and maintained with ease. Exhaust as high as 170°C and a gas supply as low as -40°C are supported.

Rotary Thermosiphon Chill Roll

Product Outline

The roll is constructed according to a proprietary design so that cooling water does not directly touch the inner wall of the roll.
This innovative roll is successful due to its high quality and high speeds in the laminating, casting, and coating process.


-Uniform Surface Temperature
-No Condensation both in Operation and when stopped.
-High Cooling Capacity

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