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We offer a wide range of Water Treatment Chemicals meant to tackle different problems usually confronted in the reverse osmosis procedure. These chemicals are useful in mitigating the problematic organic and inorganic contaminants before they get to the semi-permeable membrane in the RO process and cause unwanted fouling. The use of these chemicals helps the RO system to save energy and avoid membrane fouling that can cause unexpected costs at any interval.
With access to advanced R&D (research and development) in chemical science, AMPAC USA carries a wide selection of water treatment chemicals and resins that serve a multitude of purposes, both incorporated into water treatment systems (usually a year’s supply) and for stand-alone purchase. Special water treatment problems can be addressed with specific chemicals and dosing levels in conjunction with 

AMPAC USA also keeps abreast of the upgradations in chemical science to offer nothing but the best line of chemical solutions that assist in the treatment process. We offer products for 4 different problem areas:

  • Water softeners for hard water
  • Water Neutralization
  • Greensand Filter Regenerant
  • Scale and Corrosion Control

Get in touch with AMPAC USA to know more about the best water treatment chemical fit for your problem. Check out the line of products we offer down below!