Yeşil Kum Filtresi Yenileyici



AMPAC USA houses a range of Pro Chemicals Greensand Filter Regenerants to treat water for hard minerals. Pro Chemicals provides three unique blends of greensand filter regenerants designed to rid the filter of iron and other minerals. These blends are powerful oxidants that are also effective for use when filtering manganese or hydrogen sulfide. Perfected over a number of years, these are a very good solution for filter regenerants and are absolutely safe for use. We have a number of products to treat any number of water capacities. All the products are NSF Certified to meet NSF/ANSI Standard 60 for drinking water additives. Pro chemicals manufacture and offer the best water treatment chemicals on the market.

AMPAC USA offers a wide range of these chemicals for different purposes at the best prices. These chemicals are made from the best international practices and after years of R & D., You can call us for a consultation or an expert to examine your chemical needs for the water treatment systems. AMPAC offers 24×7 customer care and a home visit by our skilled experts in case of any water treatment challenges. Check out the line of the best greensand filter regenerants down below!